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Kind LED Grow Lights

Kind LED needs little introduction among indoor growers. Founded by experienced growers in Santa Rosa in California, they are one of the most reputable LED grow light manufacturers in the world. Their selection of premium LED products stands as a true replacement to older (and more power consuming) grow light units, such as HPS and MH.

Kind LED products utilize a mixture of 3W and 5W 12-band LED diodes, offering a balanced spectrum for your plants. The spectrum also includes infra-red (IR) and ultra-violet (UV) light.

The Kind LED product series comes in three main product series: the K5 (the most expensive and powerful), the K3 (the more balanced option) and the supplemental bar lights that can be a powerful boost to your existing light setup. Also, all products come with a 3-year warranty for faulty equipment.

Many growers regard Kind as one of the most trustworthy companies in the industry and for a good reason: They use top of the line materials, they offer great customer support and have built a huge rapport with growers all over the world.

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